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Welcome to the Blogging page of Africa’s Princess. 

So first and foremost I would like to introduce myself and my page and what exactly it is that I’m trying to achieve. My generation is very much about YouTube pages, vlogging and becoming Instagram famous, and while all that is good and well, it’s just not the correct fit for me. See I’m an aspiring writer with a big mouth and a lot of opinions about our society, our livelihood and our world; but more especially focused on Africa’s take on it, because I can only effectively comment on what I know, while striving to expand the horizons of my mind. 

This page is essentially a space for me to share creative writing pieces that range from my personal experiences and growth to how I feel and interpret the things that are happening around me. I will also be commenting on issues that I have observed and that have touched my heart as well as anything my readers want me to open a platform to. 

This page doesn’t have a particular set audience as the content will be so vast and will appeal to many different personalities and mind frames. It will include guest writers and speakers as well as be endorsing businesses of people of colour purely because I just think they don’t get enough positive recognition. But that is NOT to say I will ONLY endorse people of colour. Because one of the things I will touch on is the simple fact that we cannot ignore/move on from the atrocities that came with race segregation without dealing with its consequences and correcting those wrongs…(and I mean all of them). 

The only thing I ask from you guys is to keep everything respectful, as everything on here is about real people with real issues and real emotions. I’m essentially pouring out my heart to you and so are the people who are brave enough to feature and comment. I hope to help and heal where and when I can. 

Disclaimer: the views expressed on this page are attached to that specific writer of said statement and are not based on hate, rather on Freedom of (respective) Speech 

On this Blog we spread Love not hate 

5 thoughts on “. Home .

  1. I already love this blog and I’ve only read the home page …

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  2. Yassssss moghel.

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    1. Your love is my driving force mngani


  3. The manner in which you write and express views gives me chills. Keep it up !!!

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  4. So proud of you my baby. You know how I always ask you over and over again “did you really right that piece?” That’s how good you are. 💋❤️

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