. Migraine .

I have a headache. My head hurts. I’m feeling pain.

There’s nothing physically wrong  with me. It’s just that the pain I feel in my heart, has manifested itself into the physical realm. 

My vision is blurred and I see spots. When in fact the spots I see are the holes you left when you left me. I know it’s not fair because I left you. But my depression was getting worse and I didn’t want to burden you.

But I left and you didn’t follow me. I left and you didn’t look for me. I turned into a daydream to you, whereas to me you were my reality. 

I forcefully lost consciousness at times to get away from you. But even then you danced on the inside of my eyelids, and in the next few days I was to discover the wounds your words had left as they cut through my soul. 

The colour of my blood happened to be the same colour of our love. The love I could only feel when I left reality. So I decided I needed to see that colour more often. Until I had none left of it at all. 

And only then did I discover, that I could have you eternally. To think it all started with a headache.

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